Politics As Usual


If you’ve been a friend of mine for a while, you probably know that I’m very passionate about politics. If you are into politics as well, then we’ve probably had lengthy conversations on the topic. Well, I’ve been trying to find my exact political party for a while. I like parts of the Libertarian ideology, I like parts of the Socialist Party. I like parts of the Democrat Party. I like the personal freedom of the Libertarian Party. I like the social justice and equality of the Socialist and Democrat parties. But there is always something missing. Chances are, you feel the same way.
There is a large amount of hoopla surrounding the Democrat and Republican parties, as if you have to join just one of them, and as if all other parties are cast offs. If you’re like me, the two party system just doesn’t make sense to you. There is no way that everyone’s views can be represented by only two organizations. In fact, most American’s don’t even strictly fit into either party. Many people list themselves as independents. What this means is that they really just don’t know where they belong. They are not being represented. Even within the parties themselves there are factions. The Libertarian Republicans. Socialist Democrats. Middle of the road Democrats and Republicans. There are even left leaning Republicans and right leaning democrats.
There are two sides to politics: social and economic. The Republican Party is Conservative on both fronts. The Democrats are liberal on both, though not usually as liberal as you are made to think. The problem is, what if you are liberal socially and conservative economically or vice versa? Exactly. This is where minority parties come in. Furthermore, most people aren’t strictly liberal or conservative on either side of politics. It all depends on what you think is right. This creates the need for dozens, or hundreds, or even thousands of political parties.
There is a long standing trend and tradition that has been pounded into our brains that it is impossible to succeed in a third party. That only two can stand at any one time. That is socially constructed. The UK has 17 political parties with major elected officials. There is no reason the U.S.A should be restricted to only two. Americans just need to stand up and fight! Quit being lackadaisical. Quit being passive. Quit being lazy. Quit being satisfied!
This is why I’ve come up with my own political platform. I, like most Americans, do not fall through either insignificantly-significant political crack. Insignificant in that they do not represent us. Significant in that they have power. I, seemingly unlike most Americans, am not satisfied. So read through my personal political platform. If you agree tell me. Also tell me your own ideas. If I like them, I might incorporate them. This is a living document, like the constitution is supposed to be. My dream is to get enough people to sign onto this ideology and create a political party. Please do not be passive about this! Politics are not just something that happens over there in D.C. Politics influence our lives every day. So join me and take a stand.


On a side note, no this is not necessarily an out of place post on my blog. I am trying to make a shift from just sports, to sports, politics, and hip hop. Thus Stats and FACTS. This blog may soon be renamed Stats and Facts Sports, Politics and Hip Hop. Also, to read my platform, click on the link that says Politics.
Good Day.


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